He who knows most, doubts most.  — Jerónimo de Carranza

Dedicated to researching historical Spanish fencing and sharing the knowledge with the public.

Collaborators and Contributors

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Special Thanks

These individuals have provided feedback and information that improved the quality of this site.

Andy Borman, host of Plumes.org, for providing web space for our site, being a spectacular friend, and one of the most graceful fencers of our acquaintance.

The Western Martial Arts Community, Ansteorran (SCA) Civic Guard, Tattershall School of Defence, and our friends and family for their encouragement and advice.

Jon Eppler for assisting us with finding texts and resources as well as providing support for us and the western martial arts community in our area.

Maestro Ramón Martínez (instructor of classical and historical fencing) for providing groundbreaking research, a list of recommended authors, and Destreza seminars to the general public, as well as answering some of our specific questions about period blades and techniques.

Franklin Araya (Costa Rica) for sending us a translation correction on Cervantes' "Galatea" allusion to Carranza.

Adrienne Martín (Professor of Spanish, UC Davis) for referring me to "History of the swindler's life" in which Francisco de Quevedo dedicates a chapter to poking fun at Narváez and the "true art."

Cindy Rogers for sending us information about the female Order of the Hatchet.

Alberto Bomprezzi and the other members of the Asociación española de esgrima antigua (A.E.E.A.) for their hospitality and open sharing of information.