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the Destreza Glossary
Augmentation, augmentative
See also: movimiento

Definitions: New Science... by Don Luis Pacheco de Narváez
Movimiento de aumento en las espadas, es con el que habiendo sugeción, o agregación entre ellas, la una sube de menores grados de fuerza a los mayores, y el ángulo interior de entonces se hace de mayores lados.

A movement of augmentation in the swords is one where, there being subjection or contact [aggregation] between them, the one increases from lesser degrees of strength to greater ones and the interior angle is then made of greater sides.

Dictionary: Academia Autoridades (G-M), 1734
Movimiento de aumento. En la Esgríma es el que se hace de menores grados de fuerza, a las mayores del contrario, y causa flaqueza en el que le hace. Narv. Fundam. Radic. f.4. Lat. Motus por gradus excedens.

Movement of augmentation. In Fencing it is that [movement] which one makes of lesser degrees of force to the greater ones of the adversary, and it causes weakness in he that does it. Narv. Fundam. Radic. f.4. Lat. Motus por gradus excedens.

Dictionary: Oxford English Dictionary (online): (01 May 2005)
Augment, v.
6. To multiply (mathematically). Obs.

1571 DIGGES Pantom. III. iii. Qij, The Solide content of a Cylinder is gotten by augmenting the base in his altitude. 1593 T. FALE Dialling 31 Augment the Sine of the Complement repeated, by the Sine of the doubtfull Arke: an the product arising thereof..shall be the distance, etc.