He who knows most, doubts most.  — Jerónimo de Carranza

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the Destreza Glossary
E - Engaño

Dictionary: Academia Autoridades (D-F), 1732
Engaño. s.m. Falta y méngua de verdad en lo que se dice ó hace, ó en lo que se piensa, cree ú discurre. Covarr. dice que sale del Latino Ganeum, que vale Burdel ó lugar secreto, donde se trata poca ó ninguna verdad, y ….

Engaño. s.m. Lack and méngua of truth in what one says or does, or in what one thinks, believes or discusses. Covarr. says that it comes from the Latin Ganeum, that means Burdel or secret place, where one deals with little or no truth, and ....

Dictionary: Minsheu 1599
Engañádo [m.] = deceiued, beguiled.
Engañadór [m.] = a deceiuer, a beguiler.
Engañár = to deceiue, to beguile, to vnder mine, to abuse by deceite, to deale frau dulently, to coosen, to shift cunninglie with, to play on both hands.
Engáño [m.] = deceit, fraude, beguiling, coo senage, cunning, shifting.
Engañosaménte = deceitfully, fraudulently, like a shifting or coosening companion.
Engañóso [m.] = deceitfull, fraudulent, one that plaieth false or with both handes, giuen to coosenage.

Glossary: Compendio de la Filosofía y Destreza de las armas de Geronimo de Carranza por Don Luis Pacheco de Narvaez

31. Engaño en la deftreza, es dar la herida co' de'tere'te poftura de la q’ tuvo la efpada al principio.

Feint in the destreza, is to strike with different positioning from that which the the sword had in the beginning.