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the Destreza Glossary
E - Estrechar

Glossary: Compendio de la Filosofía y Destreza de las armas de Geronimo de Carranza por Don Luis Pacheco de Narvaez

83. Eftrechar en deftreza, es lo mefmo q’ neceffitar al contrario.

To estrechar in destreza, is the same as to necessitate [to force] the adversary.

Definitions: New Science... by Don Luis Pacheco de Narváez

Estrechar, o necessitar al contrario, es quitarle la espada de la buena postura en que está con desvio, o sugecion.

To estrechar, or to necessitate [to force] the opponent, is to remove the sword from the good posture [guard] in which it is with a deflection, or subjection.