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the Destreza Glossary
G - Golpe

Dictionary: Academia Autoridades (G-M), 1734
Golpe. La herida ò contusión que resulta de alguna arma, palo, pedrada ò caída. Lat. Ictus. Percussio Casio. Ambr. Mor. lib.9. cap.2 Y del primer golpe le hirió de muerte. Cerv. Quix. Tom.1. cap.3. Dió tan grande golpe al harriero en la cabéza, que le derribó en el suelo.

Blow. The wound or contusion that results from some weapon, stick, rock or fall. Lat. Ictus. Percussio Casio. Ambr. Mor. lib.9. cap.2. And the first blow mortally wounded him. Cerv. Quix. Tom.1. cap.3. He gave such a great blow to the harriero in the head, that he fell to the ground.

Dictionary: Minsheu 1599 (Spanish-English)
Gólpe [m.] = a blow, a stripe, a knocking at a doore.
Golpeár = to strike, to smite, to beate with a hammer, [&]c.
Golpeádo [m.] = smitten, striken, beaten with a hammer.
* de Gólpe = with a blow or stroake.
* Golpezílla [f.] = a small stroke such as lo uers in iest giue one another.
* vn gólpe a Sésgo = a blow athwarte or aswash.

Related Words:
aboseteár = to buffet, to cuffe or boxe a bout the eares, to strike on the cheekes or face, to fight with fistes as boyes doe.
aBolládo [m.] = dented in with blowes, brui sed, beaten togither or crushed.
aBolladúra [f.] = an indenting with blowes or striking, making of bosses, crushing or beating togither.
aBollár = to beat in or indent with blowes, to make bosses, to crush togither or to batter with strokes.
aBollonádo = bunched or bumped out with blowes, hauing knobs or bunches with beating or buffetting.
aBollonár = to make bunches, knobs or knops with blowes, strokes or buffets.
* ala Máno alas Mános = at handes, at blowes, at strokes.
* venír alas Mános = to come to handie blowes, or to fight.
* Bexigázo [m.] = a blow or stroke with a bladder.
Bofetáda [f.] = a buffet, a blowe with the fist.
* Cabeçáda [f.] = a blow with the head a gainst the wall, the headstall for a horse. A stickneckednes, a wilfulnes, a stubbornes, a headstrongnes.
* Chapinázo = a blowe or beating with slippers.
Codáda [f.] = a blow with the elbow.
* Codazo [m.] = a blow or stroke with the elbow.
vide Cordonáda = a twitch or plucke with a coard, a blow or lash with a coard.
Cordonáda, or Cordenáda = coarded, bound with coardes. A blowe with a string, or lash with a whip.
* Dardáso, or Dardázo = the blowe or stroke with a dart.
desCocotár = to kill with a blowe in the necke: to clense wheate from cockle.
enCojár, or enCoxár = to giue a blowe on the leg, to lame one, to make one lame.
* Flecházo [m.] = the shooting of an arrow, the stroke or blow that an arrow giueth.
* Garrotázos [m.] = blowes with a short cudgell.
* Guantáda = a blow with the palme of the hand.
* Hurgonázo [m.] = a blow or stroke with a coale-rake or mawkin.
* Jarrázo [m.] = a blowe with a cup.
Lançáda = a blow with a launce, a vomi ting.
Lánce = a blowe, a stripe, a cast. Also a good hap in any businesse.
* Mandóble = a blowe stroken with dou bling the hande backward.
* Venír a las mános = to come to handie blowes.
Martilládas = blowes with a hammer.
* Mosquetázo [m.] = a shot or blowe with a musket.
* Moxí = a buffet or blow on the head.
Moxquetázo [vide Mosquetázo,] = a blow or shot of a mus ket.
Nalgáda [f.] = a blowe on the buttocks.
Palázo [m.] = a blow with a cudgell.
Pedráda [f.] = a blow with a stone.
Pescoçón [m.] = a blow on the necke.
Porráda [f.] = a blow with a club.
* Porrázo [m.] = a blow with a club.
* Puñáda [f.] = a blowe with the fist, a handfull.
* Puñéte [m.] = a blow with the fist.
* Rodillázo [m.] = a blow or stroke with the knee.
* Torniscón [m.] = a blow on the eare with the backe of the hand.
* Vallestázo [m.] = the shot or blowe of a crossebowe.
* Vexigázo [m.] = a blowe or stroke with a bladder.
* Virotázo = a blowe with an arrowe, shaft, or bolt.

Dictionary: Blount 1656 (English)
A Golpe [(Span.)] = at a blow; also a slash. Caba la.