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the Destreza Glossary
G - Guardar

Dictionary: Minsheu 1599 (Spanish-English)
Guárda [f.] = a guard, or warding, a watch, custodie, keeping.
Guardádo [m.] = warded, watched, kept, looked to. Also, a secret matter.
Guardadór [m.] = a sauer, a keeper, a war- der by day, a watchman by night.
Guardár = to garde, to watch, to saue, to looke vnto, to keepe, to reserue, to lay vp. Also to defend, protect, to shield, to beware, to looke vnto, to see vnto. [Alternate spelling: Guerdár]
Guardián, [m.] a warder, a gardian that hath the tuition of a yoong lad and of his reuenues, a keeper or looker to things, one that taketh charge.

* Tubrír = to stop chinkes or cliftes, to en-uiron, to fill vp, to compas, to defende or guard.
* Cuérpo de guárdia = a court of gard, the body of the watch.
Centinéla, [f.] a sentinell, one that wat cheth in the night or wardeth in the day, a watchman.