He who knows most, doubts most.  — Jerónimo de Carranza

Dedicated to researching historical Spanish fencing and sharing the knowledge with the public.

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the Destreza Glossary

In 1994 we obtained a copy of Don Luis Pacheco de Narvaez’s text “The 100 Conclusions…” and sat down to translate the text. The translation was difficult and ultimately we realized impossible without an understanding of the terminology related to the system.

Since that time, we have done countless hours of research looking through old dictionaries and fencing texts for terms and their meanings to create this lexicon of fencing terms. It is continually being updated as we find new information and we hope that it enables other researchers to succeed in research projects that we found initially very difficult because nothing like this existed.

We tie all of our definitions directly to the source text or dictionary with appropriate bibliographic information for those wanting to access the original texts. When possible, we provide the definition in both English and Spanish.