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the Destreza Glossary
R - Revés

Dictionary: Academia Autoridades (O-R), 1737
Reves. s.m. La espada ó parte opuesta de una cosa. Lat. Aversa facies, vel pars.

Reves. Se llama tambien el golpe que se dá á otro con la mano vuelta. Lat. Aversa manu percussio, colaphum.

Reves. En la Esgrima se llama el golpe que se dá con la espáda diagonalmente, hiriendo en la parte derecha. Lat. Transversus ictus, vel casio.

Reverse. In Fencing it refers to the blow that one gives diagonally with the sword, striking [wounding] on the right side. Lat. Transversus ictus, vel casio.

Dictionary: Minsheu 1599 (Spanish-English)
Revés = backwarde, contrarie, crosse, ouer thwart.
* Rebés, or Revés = backward, contrary, crosse.
Revesádo, or Traviésso = froward, cross, vntoward.
* Bolvér al revés = to returne backe a gaine.
* Buélto al revéz = a turning backe, tur ned backe.
* Revérso = turned inside outward.
* Revessár, or Revesár [yo Reviésso,] = to ouerturne, to belch mightily, to vomit vp his meate and drinke againe. [Alternate spellings: Revesár, Reviésse, Reviésso]

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