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Excerpt from Galatea (1585), "Song of Calíope"
Translation by Mary Curtis ©2002

"Si queréis ver en una igual balanza
al rubio Febo y colorado Marte,
procurad de mirar al gran Carranza,
de quien el uno y otro no se parte.
En él veréis, amigas, pluma y lanza
con tanta discreción, destreza y arte,
que la destreza, en partes dividida,
la tiene a sciencia y arte reducida."

"If you want to see in an equal balance
the blonde Phoebus (1) and red Mars (2),
procure to look upon the great Carranza,
in whom the one and the other are not separate.
In him you will see, friends, plume and lance
with such discretion, skill and art,
that fencing, in divided parts,
he has reduced it to science and art."

1. Phoebus (Greek: Apollo) - god of sunlight, prophecy, music, and poetry
2. Mars (Greek: Ares) - god of war