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Famous Duels and Duellists

Isabella da Carazzi and Diambra de Pettinella (1552)

In 1552, Isabella da Carazzi and Diambra de Pettinella allegedly fought over Fabio de Zeresola in front of spectators and the Marquis of Vasto (the Spanish viceroy) in Naples.

In 1636, José Ribera (El Españoleto) painted a representation of the duel between these two women in his work "Duelo de mujeres" (Duel of women). The painting is in Spain's Prado Museum.


Source of information: http://www.artehistoria.com [On the site, search for "duelo de mujeres" to see the painting and read the information provided in Spanish.]

Note: Currently the only source I have located for the duel is the Spanish art history site.