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the Destreza Glossary
C - Caballería/Caballero

Dictionary: Minsheu 1599 (Spanish-English)
Cavalléro [m.] = a knight, or gentelman ser uing on horsebacke.
Cavallería [f.] = horsemen in warre, caual lerie, knighthood, chiualrie, horseman ship, gentilitie.
Cavalléro de espuévlas dorádas = a knight of the order.
Cavállo [m.] = a horse in generall, a knight in chesse plaie.
Cavalleríza, or Cavalleríça [f.] = the horsemans warde, a princes quierie or stable, where his horses of seruice are kept and ridden, a stable.

Related Words:
Fre['y]le = a brother of an order of knight hood.
* Sesméro = a knight of the shire, one that solliciteth the case of the commonalitie.
* Calatráva [f.] = the order of the knights of Calatrava. Also the place where they liue and make residence together in Spaine.
* Baylío = a iudge, a bayliffe of the order of the knights of Malta.