He who knows most, doubts most.  — Jerónimo de Carranza

Dedicated to researching historical Spanish fencing and sharing the knowledge with the public.

Collaborators and Contributors

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Collaborators and Contributors

These scholars share research and provide content for this site.

Manuel Valle Ortiz
(Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and fencer, Spain) for his constant and much-appreciated help with refining translations, finding new allusions and updating the bibliographic information. We most especially wish to thank him for the copy of Las tretas de la vulgar y comun esgrima de espada sola y con armas dobles, que reprobo don Luis Pacheco de Narvaez... (1702) by don Manuel Cruzado y Peralta. It is not only gorgeously bound but has content that will be exceedingly helpful in developing this site further.

Stefano de Merich
for sending us allusions and for enlightening us about the question of the publication date of Carranza's work. His dissertation research focused on Carranza, and he hopes to develop a web site soon with related information. Also, he has an article coming out in the journal Cervantes.