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the Destreza Glossary
Aggregation: a joining or uniting

Dictionary: Academia Autoridades (A-B), 1726
Agregacion. s.f. El acto de unir y juntar una cosa con otra, ù otras. Lat. Aggregatio. Conjunctio. Ov. Hist. Chil. fol. 153. Llevóse mal la agregación al Perú, y se temieron no resultassen de ella perjudiciáles conseqüéncias.

Aggregation. n.f. The act of uniting and bringing together one thing with another or others. Lat. Aggregatio. Conjunctio. Ov. Hist. Chil. fol. 153. The aggregation of Perú was carried out poorly, and they feared harmful consequences would result from it.

Agregar. v.a. Allegar, unir, y juntar una cosa à otra, haciéndola parte de ella. Lat. Aggregare adjungere. Maner. Apolog. cap.38. Agregando Sectários para salir violentamente con sus pretensions. Alpar. fol.268. Ella como Madre verdadéra los admite y agréga, regala, y favoréce mas que à sus própios hijos. Jaureg.Phars. lib.4 Oct.33. “Pero si fuerza de fatál intento / Pide te agregues à los triumphos mios.”

To incorporate, add or unite. v.a. To gather, to unite and to bring together one thing to another, making it part of it. Lat. Aggregare adjungere. Maner. Apolog. cap.38. Uniting Sectarians in order to carry on violently with his pretensions. Alpar. fol.268. She like a true Mother accepts and unites, gives gifts to, and favors them more than her own children. Jaureg.Phars. lib.4 Oct.33. “But if the force of fatal intention / asks you add yourself to my triumphs.”