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the Destreza Glossary
To battle (duel, fight)

Dictionary: Academia Autoridades (A-B), 1726
Batallar. En la esgrima es contender uno con otro, jugando con destreza las espadas negras. Lat. Gladiatoriam umbratilem exercere. Ov.Hist.Chil. fol.213. Empezaron a batallar, y de la espada negra passaron a la blanca. [2nd of 3 entries]

To battle [modernly, to fight]. In fencing it is to contend one with another, skillfully playing with the foils [rapiers?] [literally, black swords]. Ov.Hist.Chil. fol.213. They began to battle, and from the foil they passed to the side-arm.

Batalla. Se llama tambien en la esgrima la lucha de los jugadores con espadas negras. Lat. Rudiaria vel umbratilis pugna.

To battle [modernly, to fight]. In fencing, the fight between two players with foils [rapiers?] is also called this. Lat. Rudiaria vel umbratilis pugna.

Batallador. En Aragón y otras partes se toma también por Esgrimidor. Lat. Gladiator.

Battler [modernly, fighter]. In Aragon and other places it also means Fencer. Lat. Gladiator.

Dictionary: Oxford English Dictionary Online: (01 May 2005)
Battle, n.
2. a. A fight between two persons, a single combat, a duel. trial by battle: the legal decision of a dispute by the issue of a single combat.

a1300 Cursor M. 3463 Bituix vn-born a batel blind. c1430 LYDG. Bochas II. xxix. (1554) 65b, Romains By singuler batayle had wonne the victory. c1440 Promp. Parv. 26 Batayle, pugna, duellum. 1556 Chron. Grey Friars (1852) 12 A gret batle rose betwene Roberte Glocitre & Arthur Ormesby in Smythfelde. 1593 SHAKES. Rich. II, I. i. 92, I say, and will in battaile proue..That, etc. 1641 Termes de la Ley 39 Battaile is an ancient triall in our Law, which the Defendant in appeale of murder, robbery, or felony, may chuse. 1641 in Rushworth Hist. Coll. III. (1692) I. 356 The House afterwards Ordered a Bill to be brought in to take away Tryal by Battel. 1819 REES Cycl. s.v. Battle, The last trial by battel that was waged in the court of common pleas at Westminster..was in 1571.

Battle, v.
1. intr. To fight, to engage in war. (Now rare in literal sense, in which fight is usual.)

1. One who battles or fights; a warrior, a fighter.